Vegan Fairy Bread

For those of you who actually know what Fairy Bread is, this recipe will seem a little bogus, but hear me out! I wanted to write this up to hopefully clarify a few issues that I have come across since make these take-me-down-memory-lane childhood favourites!!

Some weeks ago, I decided to make these to bring along to my friend’s kid’s birthday party. Even though I knew she would have everything covered, I have this irrational fear of turning up to events empty handed. In any case, I knew my bringing along Fairy Bread wouldn’t be for the kids, so much as for the adults!

To start, what is Fairy Bread??

Fairy Bread has been an Australian childhood party favourite that (back in the 90’s anyway) was likely the healthiest party food on the “food table”, for its inclusion of… bread. I haven’t been to too many kids b’day parties of late, but from what I gather, birthday parties now focus more on healthy food choices and less on the sugary stuff – and rightly so!!


So what is Fairy Bread???

At its most basic, fairy bread is basic! There are no frills about it, no trimmings and is made quick and cheap for the masses. It’s about taking a slice of grocery bought white bread, spreading butter to one side – the thicker the better, then pouring 100’s and 1000’s (or sprinkles!!) on top of all that buttery goodness – and that’s it! Fairy Bread served up in less than 2 minutes to a bunch of (fast forward to 2018) fully grown adults reliving their childhoods.

What Fairy Bread is not ~

True Fairy Bread connoisseurs know that it is not a gourmet food – sourdough, rye or turkish bread are a big no! As are fancy shaped sprinkles, and worst yet – pearls! The subtle crunch of 100’s and 1000’s are every bit a part of the experience.


Then, what is Vegan Fairy Bread?

The Vegan Fairy Bread recipe I made has been slightly tweaked from the original but is still very much like the traditional Fairy Bread in every way shape, taste and form. It’s surprising sometimes when I receive responses of shock when people realise they’ve eaten something that’s tasty and vegan.

And to add, being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthily. Despite being vegan, this fairy bread is still very much sugar + fat + more sugar.


Vegan Fairy Bread

Serves 1-100 | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 5 minutes | Easy


  • Sliced White Bread (I use Helgas, see note)
  • Plant Based Butter (I use Nuttelex with Coconut Oil which spreads and looks similar to butter).
  • 100’s and 1000’s aka sprinkles (see note)


  1. Spread bread with plant based butter right to edge.
  2. Sprinkle with 100’s and 1000’s, the more the merrier.
  3. Cut into triangles and enjoy as your lip creases move in an upwards direction.

*Note 1: There are many brands of bread that are accidentally vegan as white bread is not traditionally made with eggs or milk. Just be sure to check the ingredients label as some do contain milk additives when mass produced.  Brands such as Helgas explicitly state that they do not use animal derived ingredients.

*Note 2: As I am putting this recipe together I’ve learnt that there are some brands of sprinkles that are not vegan because they contain glazing agents which are derived from insects. I looked up the type I typically use and the glazing agent (903) looks to be 100% vegan safe, being made from a wax…


Disclaimer: Nutrition is such a highly contested area and I don’t claim to know all the answers – everything on my page is my opinion based on what I believe to be true. So please, enjoy my opinion and do your own further research if you are interested in a topic.


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