Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

A Guide to the Top Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Living in Sydney and on the search for some great vegan menu options? With veganism gaining popularity, we’re seeing more and more vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan options in Sydney popping up and that’s great news! The healthy lifestyle of Australians has rubbed off to eateries in Sydney as Aussies are embracing a plant-based lifestyle. So whether you’ve been a vegan advocate for many years or you’re a weekday vegan with plant-based tendencies, our guide will provide you with some great vegan options.

In this guide you will find many restaurants listed as having ‘vegan options on request. In most cases, I had asked the waitstaff to adapt a vegetarian dish and to omit the egg or cream. It’s usually a more reasonable task for a dish such as a vegetarian noodle salad or veggie breakfast. Being specific with your request but remaining polite will always help in such situations.

‘100% Vegan Menu’: everything on the menu is vegan
Vegan Options Available’: items listed on the menu as being vegan
Vegan Options on Request’: the restaurant adapted a dish to be vegan upon request

Follow the Links Below to Discover Top Vegan Restaurants in Sydney Now!

Top Vegan Restaurants in Sydney CBD

Top Vegan Restaurants in Manly

Top Vegan Restaurants in Crows Nest

Top Vegan Restaurants in Neutral Bay

Top Vegan Restaurants in the Newtown

Top Vegan Restaurants in Surry Hills

Top Vegan Restaurants in Chatswood

This guide will be updated periodically as an on-going task as I frequent new vegan restaurants in Sydney. If you’re interested to be included in this guide, please contact me. Also, be sure to check out my instagram @neateatsydney


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